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Free Herbal Clinic

Next clinic date: 12/31/22

9AM - 1 PM

Fusion Cafe

185 Main Street  

Brookville, PA 

Herbal medicine was the original medicine, and remains the people's medicine.  It is often as accessible as walking out your front door and into your yard.  Plant medicines gently guide you towards balance by supporting the body in doing what it is built to do... heal.  

I feel a responsibility to help bring the people's medicine back to the people, so I set about starting this free herbal clinic.

Herbs can help to facilitate the healing process of a stubbed toe, a laceration, concussion, high blood sugar, digestive upset, arthritis... the list goes on and on.   

Please note: this is not a medical clinic. I am not a doctor, I am not dispensing medical advice, and I do not diagnose or treat any medical conditions. I am providing information and education from the perspective of Western Traditional Herbalism.

Sessions are slotted for 30 minutes.  The recommendation plan will be emailed out a few days later.  For the time being, your herbal formulation can be purchased from a variety of sources, but I am working on a way to get herbs donated for the clinic moving forward. Walk-ins are welcome and based on availability.

If you are seeking more agency over your own health and healing, let's talk.

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December 31, 2022

9AM - 1PM, Fusion Cafe


Upcoming Free

Herbal Clinic

Next Month's

Free Herbal Clinic

The date for next month's clinic will be January 21, 2023. Check back soon to register!

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